DVWA file inclusion

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Execute commands on a Operating system via a website

What is File inclusion attack

A page of the mind which is visible after being included, then we attack the file exclusively.

for example a page = about.php Is available, but when you click on the contact, then the page = contact.php is accessible. This means that this page is being shown by being included.

💡 In such places, we attack using the file inclusion, we can include it in two ways, see the example for this

Security Low, medium, high

First way : Local inclusion

Syntax : /dvwa/vulnerabilities/fi/?page=< insert file with location>

  1. First of all, you create a file that you need to include and save it on desktop or anywhere.
  2. Then follow the given syntax like page = location of file with name and extension.
  3. This May I am giving an example of inserting a page from my local Pesonal computer which is saved on my desktop
  4. You try on your computer
//My file is saved on the computer desktop under the name index.html C:\Users\hmmm\Desktop/index.html

My URL : http://localhost/dvwa/vulnerabilities/fi/?page=file:///C:\Users\hmmm\Desktop/index.html

My included page look like this.

Second way : Remote inclusion

Syntax : /dvwa/vulnerabilities/fi/?page=< insert Remote file with location>

//My file is saved on the local server under the name index.html

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