DVWA file upload

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You can completely hack the website by uploading any file.

What is File upload attack

File upload attack is considered to be a very dangerous kind of attack. In this attack, the hacker uploads the injected file (such as a payload, shell or php file that exicute according to the hacker) and the entire control of the website is in his hands, even the cpanel can be controlled.

💡 Deface the website completely, or ruin the entire website of the company by this method

Security Low

First example : upload a html script file

  1. First of all create a HTML file which contains JavaScript alert
  2. Then upload this HTML file, it will be uploaded easily in Low Security.
  3. The most important thing is to find the location of the file where this file is uploaded. If you are unable to find the location of the file after uploading, then you will not be able to hack.
<!--Example HTML code file which contains JavaScript alert-->
<script type="text/javascript">
alert("website hacked");

Save this file as hack.html

Upload this file after saving html file

The location can be seen here after the file is uploaded

Now open the uploaded file location

Security Medium

Needed Tool : Burpsuite

  1. First open the burpsuite tool and turn on the intercept ( click here to setup burpsuit)
  2. Now create a HTML file which contains JavaScript alert and save as like filename.php.jpg
  3. Now click on upload and open burpsuit.
  4. Now follow this example
//My file is saved on the local server under the name index.html

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