Mutillidae Setup

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Mutillidae Born To Be Hacker

Setup Process

  1. Extract zip file of mutillidae
  2. Now open and edit .htaccess file inside the mutillidae folder, replace Deny* to Allow

  3. Now open and edit include/database-config.php inside the mutillidae folder and edit as the define('DB_PASSWORD', '');

  4. Now click on the setup/reset button

You have successfully installed mutillidae now you are ready for hacking

Note : If you get an error message like this

If you get an error message like this, then follow it Warning: "continue" targeting switch is equivalent to "break". Did you mean to use "continue 2"? in.....

  1. First open the file error location like this : xampp\htdocs\mutilli\owasp-esapi-php\lib\apache-log4php\trunk\src\main\php\helpers\LoggerPatternParser.php
  2. Now delete this line in apache-log04php/../../LoggerPatternParser.php , line number : 154-157
    if($this->i == $this->patternLength) {
    $this->currentLiteral .= $c;

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